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What structure and wiring are used for general arc suppression coils?
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-3-9
The arc suppression coil is an inductive coil with an iron core.The resistance of the coil is very small and the reactance is very large. The iron core is different.The core column of the arc suppression coil has a lot of gaps. The gap is filled with insulating cardboard. The core with a gap is used to avoid magnetic saturation. This can obtain a relatively stable reactance value and make the compensation current and voltage Proportional relationship, so the arc suppression coil can maintain effective arc suppression effect.
Because the capacitor current in the system changes with the operation mode, the reactance value of the arc suppression coil should also be adjusted accordingly to achieve the purpose of compensation. The arc suppression coil has many taps to adjust the number of coil turns and change the size of the reactance. Therefore, the inductance current of the arc suppression coil is adjusted to compensate the ground capacitance current and achieve the purpose of arc suppression.
In order to measure the terminal voltage and compensation current of the arc suppression coil when the system is single-phase grounded, the arc suppression coil XQ is also equipped with a voltage transformer YH and a current transformer LH. The voltage of the secondary coil of the voltage transformer is 110V, rated The current is 10A. The current transformer is installed on the ground. Its secondary rated current is 5A. A voltage meter and an ammeter are connected to the voltage transformer and the secondary side of the current transformer.
After the voltage relay in the figure is activated, the intermediate relay contact is closed.On the one hand, the central warning signal device is activated, and on the other hand, the signal lamp on the arc suppression coil disc is lit, so that the watchman notices that a grounding situation occurs.At this time, the arc suppression The signal lamp next to the coil's isolating switch is also on, indicating that there is ground in the network, or the neutral point has a large voltage deviation from ground. It is not allowed to operate the isolating switch of the arc suppression coil. In order to prevent atmospheric arc voltage from damaging the arc suppression coil, And connect the arrester FZ-20.
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