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Tracking the relationship between the grid capacitor current automatic tuning system and the arc suppression coil
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-1-29
It can be seen from the above that the fixed compensation method is difficult to adapt to the grid with frequent changes, and this fixed compensation system is gradually no longer used. Instead, it is an automatic tuning device for tracking the capacitance current of the power grid. This type of device is divided into two types, which is called a follow-up compensation system.
The working mode of the follow-up compensation system is: automatically track the changes in the grid capacitance current, adjust the arc suppression coil device at any time to keep it at the resonance point, connect a resistor in the arc suppression complete set, increase the grid damping rate, and resonate Overvoltage is limited to the allowed range. When a single-phase ground fault occurs in the power grid, the control system short-circuits the resistance to achieve a better compensation effect. The system's arc extinguishing equipment cannot be adjusted with high voltage. The other is called a dynamic compensation system.
The working method of the dynamic compensation system is: during the normal operation of the power grid, adjust the arc suppression coil device away from the resonance point to completely avoid the possibility of series resonance overvoltage and various resonance overvoltages. When a single-phase grounding occurs in the power grid, adjust it instantly The arc extinguishing device is in a good state, so that the grounding arc is automatically extinguished. This system requires that the arc suppression coil device can be adjusted quickly with high voltage, which fundamentally avoids the possibility of series resonance. Through proper control, this system is the only single-phase grounding line selection device that can make the original power direction type in the power grid. Continue to use the system.
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