Arc suppression coil adjustment range is larger
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-7-26
The arc suppression coil arranges the core magnetization section in the AC coil, and changes the size of the DC magnetic flux on the magnetic circuit to call the AC equivalent magnetic flux permeance, so that the inductance can be continuously adjusted. After the arrangement of this iron core, the power frequency voltages induced on the entire windings cancel each other out. After closed-loop adjustment of the output current of the three-phase full-control rectifier circuit, the control of the excitation current of the arc suppression device is realized. Finally, microcomputer data processing is used to dynamically correct the nonlinearity inherent in the volt-ampere characteristic.
The arc suppression coil can continuously adjust the inductance value with the rated voltage and the adjustment speed is faster. The arc suppression coil is a fully static structure, and there are no moving components and contacts inside. This makes the arc suppression coils have a wider adjustment range, stronger reliability, and the adjustment speed adjusts the reactance value in milliseconds.
Because the dynamic compensation method is adopted, the problem of over-voltage in series resonance of the compensation system is solved. The arc suppression coil does not adopt the method of limiting the over-resonance of the series resonance, but adopts dynamic compensation that avoids resonance, and does not allow the series resonance to occur. That is, during normal operation of the power grid, the excitation current is not applied, and the arc suppression device is tuned to a state far from the resonance point. When single-phase grounding occurs in the power grid, the arc suppression coil will quickly adjust the arc suppression device at a speed of about 20ms to implement full compensation.
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