Arc suppression coil controller is used for function
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-7-25
The line selection function of the arc suppression coil controller is known in the industry. Few of the arc suppression controllers have the line selection function, but what we want to tell you is that the arc suppression controller produced by our company is really equipped with If there is a line selection function, there is no need to separately select a line selection device after having this function.
The arc extinguishing coil controller can have 2 sections of busbars and 40 lines at the same time. It can control two sets of arc extinguishing devices (one control two). It is suitable for grounding methods such as neutral grounding, grounding through fixed arc suppression coils, grounding through auto-tuning arc suppression coils, grounding with high resistance, and grounding through arc suppression cabinets. The arc suppression coil controller collects system fault signals in real time, and uses multiple line selection methods for comprehensive line selection. The arc-suppression coil controller with line selection function specifically includes: intelligent group ratio phase ratio method, harmonic ratio phase ratio method, wavelet method, first half wave method, active component method, energy method, and zero sequence current abrupt amount method .
The arc suppression device determines the effective range of various line selection methods through rough set theory, and automatically performs credible quantitative evaluation of the fault line selection results obtained by each line selection method based on the characteristics of the fault signal. The line methods are fused together to maximize the complementarity between the various line selection methods. In order to avoid the fault signal being disturbed and causing wrong selection, the device adopts the continuous line selection method, and the data is collected again for analysis at a certain time (1 second). As long as the fault does not disappear, the device's line selection calculation does not stop. The arc suppression coil controller with line selection function can accurately identify complex fault types such as direct grounding, resistance grounding, arc grounding, intermittent arc grounding and other complex fault types.The arc suppression coil controller with line selection function can solve two points of different lines. Non-inverting ground fault.
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