Several compensation methods commonly used in arc suppression coils
Publisher: Administrator Release time: 2019-7-23
The role of the arc suppression coil is to compensate the capacitive current flowing through the ground point with the inductor current. According to the degree of compensation, it can be divided into three methods: full compensation, under compensation and over compensation.
1. Complete compensation From the perspective of eliminating the arc at the fault point and avoiding arc overvoltage, this compensation method is the best. However, it is exactly the conditions that cause series resonance when fully compensated, so in practice it cannot be used.
2. The ground point current after under compensation is still capacitive. In this way, the above problems still cannot be avoided. Therefore, the under compensation method is generally not adopted.
3. The current flowing through the fault point after over compensation is inductive. With this compensation method, the over-voltage problem of series resonance cannot occur, so it has been widely used in practice.
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