NS-BZ transformer neutral point grounding resistance cabinet
NS-BZ transformer neutral point grounding resistance cabinet

The neutral point of the distribution network system via resistance grounding has been used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States for more than 100 years, and it has become increasingly popular in China's power grids. When the selection line of the compensation amount of the arc suppression coil grounding system cannot meet the rapid development of the system, in order to better limit the system overvoltage level and quickly select and remove faulty lines, the neutral point is connected to the ground through a resistor and the power generation system In order to limit the fault current flowing at the engine outlet and limit the overvoltage level, the neutral point is also used to ground through resistance.
The neutral point is grounded by resistance to effectively limit intermittent arc grounding overvoltage, reduce system operating overvoltage, eliminate system resonance overvoltage, facilitate configuration of single-phase ground fault protection, and effectively remove faulty lines in a short time. This reduces the insulation level of the system equipment, delays the service life of the system equipment, and improves the safety and reliability of the system operation. The product adopts high-quality imported stainless steel or domestic stainless steel electric heating metal material, which has the excellent characteristics of high electrical conductivity, high temperature coefficient, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high tensile strength and stable resistance value. The product operates safely and reliably. In the medium-voltage power distribution system, if the transformer is a delta connection, a Z-type grounding transformer needs to be installed in order to artificially lead the neutral point for the system and a neutral point grounding resistance.

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