NS-BFK transformer air-cooled control cabinet
NS-BFK transformer air-cooled control cabinet

The power system is composed of power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, and power consumption. Among them, the transformer is a very critical device, and its safe operation is vital to the power system. During the operation of the transformer, the copper loss in the windings and the iron loss in the iron core are converted into thermal energy, which increases the temperature of each part of the transformer. The degree of insulation aging of the transformer determines its service life. The insulation aging is mainly affected by temperature changes. influences. The results of the study show that: in the case of exceeding the design temperature, the insulation aging life of the transformer will be reduced by half for every 6 ° C increase in temperature, which is the six-degree rule for transformer insulation aging. It can be seen that temperature is an important indicator that affects the service life of the transformer.
In oil-immersed transformers of 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV, 750kV, and 1000kV, three types of cooling methods are mainly used: natural oil circulation air cooling, forced oil circulation air cooling, and forced oil circulation water cooling. Most of them adopt natural oil circulation air cooling and forced oil circulation air cooling. NS-BFK transformer air cooling control cabinet is an intelligent control cabinet designed for these two cooling methods. It can realize remote, automatic and local manual control methods; it can upload various information to display and downward control settings; it can control the entire cooling system of the transformer to achieve energy saving and extend the life of the cooling fan and circulating submersible pump; It can work reliably in harsh natural environment such as high cold, high heat, high humidity, high pollution and high salt fog.

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