Arc suppression coil complete set
Arc suppression coil complete set
Most of the medium-voltage systems in China's urban power grids and factories and mines are ungrounded (ie, small current grounded) neutral systems. This type of system can still operate with a fault when a single-phase grounding occurs; however, when a single-phase grounding fault occurs and the grounding capacitor current is large, if the grounding arc develops into intermittent extinguishment and reignition, it will cause arc grounding Overvoltage endangers the insulation of electrical equipment and causes great harm to power supply and consumption equipment. If the ground arc cannot be extinguished in time, it will quickly develop into a phase-to-phase short circuit, causing the line to trip and the power supply to be interrupted. The intelligent arc suppression coil grounding method can accurately measure the grid capacitor current, implement fast automatic compensation for the grid ground capacitor current, and effectively suppress the arc ground overvoltage hazard, reduce the current at the ground point, and achieve the purpose of automatically extinguishing the arc.
Our company has developed a complete set of arc suppression coils for the neutral point of the power system via the arc suppression coil. It is mainly used in the 6kv, 10kv, 35kv power grids. The neutral point is grounded through the arc suppression coil. , Keep it within the setting parameter range, eliminate the internal overvoltage and resonance overvoltage of the power grid system, automatically alarm when a ground fault occurs in the power grid, and have a remote output port to communicate with the host computer. This device is characterized by fast response speed, high accuracy, and solving the problems of crashes, etc. It is the best grounded electrical equipment for the majority of medium-voltage power distribution networks.
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