Turn-adjusting arc suppression coil
Turn-adjusting arc suppression coil
The turn-adjusting arc suppression coil can automatically track the changes in the parameters of the power grid, automatically measure the capacitor current, and automatically adjust the compensation current. Both over and under compensation can be operated, and the method is very flexible. Can well suppress arc ground overvoltage, disconnection overvoltage and transfer overvoltage. The tuning methods of the arc suppression coil can be divided into two types: pre-adjustment and follow-on adjustment. According to the adjustment method of the arc suppression coil reactance, it can be divided into electric on-load adjusting turn type, DC bias magnetic type, air-gap type, capacity-adjusting type and so on.
The device uses a compensation circuit in series with a damping resistor to suppress the resonance amplitude and reduce the neutral point displacement voltage to less than 15% of the phase voltage. Therefore, it can be operated in over, full, or under compensation according to the needs of the power grid operation. The controller panel has complete display and convenient operation. The display parameters include displacement voltage, capacitor current, inductor current, detuning degree, residual current, switch range, U0 over limit, etc., with memory and printing functions, especially for type II controllers. Large screen Chinese liquid crystal display, parameter display is more intuitive, can realize man-machine dialogue, the controller is equipped with a variety of communication serial ports to meet the needs of integrated automation of substations and unattended stations. The device experiment and detection adopt professional process equipment and detection methods. The power supply unit is used to perform linkage experiments and inductor current measurement at rated voltage, which guarantees the safety and reliability of the device operation and the accuracy of the parameters; especially grounded transformers and Load adjustment arc suppression coil, the introduction of "Mitsubishi" technology, can adopt the expansion radiator structure to make a fully sealed maintenance-free product (maintenance-free period of 20 years), creating conditions for the oil-free substation.
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