NS-FZ generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet
NS-FZ generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet
NS-FZ generator neutral point resistance cabinet is connected to the neutral point of the generator. When a single-phase ground fault occurs on the grid or the stator windings of the generator, an additional resistive current is provided to the ground point, so that the current at the ground point is capacitive. It becomes a resistance-capacitance current, thereby ensuring that the generated overvoltage does not exceed the phase voltage of 2.6 times. When designing the parameters, try to control the total ground current within 15A, which can not only meet the requirements of relay protection sensitivity, but also reduce the damage to the iron core when the stator winding of the generator is grounded. Integrate scattered single-phase transformers, resistors, current transformers, measuring instruments, ground protection output terminals and other electrical equipment in a closed metal cabinet, and can optionally be equipped with isolating switches and arresters, which are supplied in sets; high safety and reliability , Clear and tidy layout, easy to install and debug and operation and maintenance. The single-phase transformer it uses is a dry-type insulation transformer, which has stable working performance and strong shock resistance. The secondary side of the transformer is made of stainless steel.
The NS-FZ generator neutral point resistance cabinet adds a special lightning arrester to protect the generator's neutral point insulation than the general configuration. It can be equipped with a current and action recorder. Under normal conditions, it can monitor the neutral point unbalanced current and single-phase grounding. In the event of a fault, the number of actions can be recorded; and an analog output can be provided for the protection and monitoring system. A dry-type single-phase grounding transformer and a corresponding over-voltage protector are installed in the resistance cabinet, and a single-phase isolation switch is also installed in the cabinet to isolate the power source during maintenance or experiments.
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